I got a new phone but didn’t activate this app…why. Today, I decided to try to activate it.

What? It is already activated. Mysterious.

I am working on what to write next. I just am not there yet.

Taxes first, then I will dream up something new.


As I work to finish my 30th book. I wonder what next.

As an independent author, I am frustrated with the inability to become known. I know others feel the same.

I am considering writing a book listing any independent author who wishes. Alphabetical certainly and perhaps a part two with authors listed in categories of subject matter. Just beginning to jel.

What do you think?

Bobbie Kaald

multi-genre’ author


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I am glad to report that I have moved my mind back to a writer’s mindset.

What, you ask?

I am past my writer’s block. Two books are on a roll.

Prequel to my Agent Roberts series. Entitled, but subject to change, Death Comes with the Night.

Also, my historical book based on the Edward Larson family and ancestors…Husker Du? Or Do you remember..,.is back on the typewriter so to speak.

Just thought you might like to know.

Audio update

Good new and the short of it, my audio books are progressing.

Agent Roberts serial killer series bk one and two are being narrated by Dale J Hubbard. Bk one is already available….2500 Fruitdale Dr. and book two is finally started as summer is over.

My Enemy/Friend Sci-fi series also had a snafu but is now progressing again. Book one is already out…The Making of an Enemy..narrated by Natsumi Bailey and she is working on book three. She has agreed to do book two as well.

That’s all I can do from memory, but Saalinda is in the works also. A short book with some scary adventures and a twisty ending suggested by my granddaughter when she was in middle school.

Live long and prosper.

Pet peaves

I admit to being old school. I took years of Grammar in school. I took typing when we learned on manual typewriters and could only have a couple of erasures per page.

I am offended that the computer companies think they can change the Grammer to fit their needs.

I am okay with the punctuation change in accounting from a period between dollars and cents to a comma. Having made a four thousand nine hundred and ninety-five dollar mistake on my taxes due to a comma/ period mistake. This makes cents to me, pun intended.


My short book is going live on audible within a couple of days. The producer and I have approved it. Just awaiting company approval. I find this appropriate with Halloween coming.



My current writings were not going well. So, I started a different book. This one will be a prequel to mt Agent Roberts books. Already I feel better about myself.

I tend to change the titles often in the first few weeks. I will keep this title under wraps for now.

Have a great labor day weekend.