Working on a new genre. It’s going well so far.






Maybe more to come

Title: potentially because my title changes several times as the book developes . I will try to post more now that things are moving along.


I am working on a new genre, but it isn’t easy. I had to change the title twice so far. The plot is slowly building as minor character conflicts seem to come along with the plot.

Writing, not

Once again, I am slowly writing a paranormal story. It is going fairly well. I am writing slowly because I can rewrite if needed.

I have returned quite a few pages and am about halfway through getting this book on digital for myself.

I have begun restyling this website, but it is best if you look for my books on Amazon because my blog shows up there as well.

Happy spring holidays.

Future Books

Cameo Memories vol. 1 is out now. Future of this book seems poor.

Current word in progress is currently a paranormal fiction mystery. I am nearly on chapter four.

I have a couple of books on the shelf for now.

Mostly, I am trying to fix my website to refer my readers to book sites.

Book signing in person on April 29th at 11 to 2pm @Main St. Books in Monroe, Washington. Pass it on.


I got a new phone but didn’t activate this app…why. Today, I decided to try to activate it.

What? It is already activated. Mysterious.

I am working on what to write next. I just am not there yet.

Taxes first, then I will dream up something new.


As I work to finish my 30th book. I wonder what next.

As an independent author, I am frustrated with the inability to become known. I know others feel the same.

I am considering writing a book listing any independent author who wishes. Alphabetical certainly and perhaps a part two with authors listed in categories of subject matter. Just beginning to jel.

What do you think?

Bobbie Kaald

multi-genre’ author


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I am glad to report that I have moved my mind back to a writer’s mindset.

What, you ask?

I am past my writer’s block. Two books are on a roll.

Prequel to my Agent Roberts series. Entitled, but subject to change, Death Comes with the Night.

Also, my historical book based on the Edward Larson family and ancestors…Husker Du? Or Do you remember..,.is back on the typewriter so to speak.

Just thought you might like to know.