I am currently polishing the first half of the book I am working on. Title is still in the works.

I also am working on what book to do next. I may do a historical fiction book about my Scandinavian ancestors.

I am also toying with a no fiction book. I probably won’t do it because of the source, and that is all I can say for now.

I am glad the election is mostly over, but the children are still fighting. I wish Covid was over, but I just learned the shots are two staged shots. This means at least a month for some meaningful immunity, bummer.


I have had logistical issues getting to my writing. Covid has complicated everything. After five doctor visits, talking to at least twenty people, I got a negative covidtest.

Npo after midnight for a to follow case didn’t get in until after four pm. But I am well and getting back to work.

Just finished full edit of my fourth book in the serial killer series and have begun to continue the storyline.

There may be an early death of one of the killers. But it hasn’t happened yet.

Stay safe and wear a mask, even those of you who think you know better.

Inspire of Covid

My latest book attached to my serial killer series. Tentative title is….Family Always. I keep working on it and it is growing…now past 23,000 words.

With two of the killers dead at their own hands, two more have joined back up. More surprises coming.

I am working on a background picture for the cover. Many of my books sport local photos that I took.

Still researching info on potential new series bases on real people, my relatives. My family tree includes ex husband’s family because of our daughter and grand daughter. With more than 1200 names, I just need more facts.

Stay safe, wear a mask and live.


Well, I may be slow but my new book has reached >20,000 words. So, this weekend I will be editing and re expanding this first twenty thousand words of my rough draft.

Editing is not my favorite thing but the book always improves.

How is your day?

I am also re doing my sales sign. I have ne fed to do it, but my old computer died and my book covers were mostly gone. This is good though because the new computer scanning system is different. New learning.

Stay happy and Covid free.

New book

I have to admit that my writing has slowed as my quarentine attitude makes everything more appealing than writing.

Even so, my current book is past 17,000 words. This is just the rough draft. Editing always adds many words.

How is everyone? Okay, I hope. Wear a mask in public to be as safe as possible.


Last Wednesday or Thursday, I discovered a short file of the same new book that I am currently writing. I quickly read it over and discovered the story lines diverged.

I nearly just plain deleted nearly six hundred words. Instead, I put it away and took two days to visit a person similar to one of the characters.

Advice: Don’t delete your work.

After returning home, four hours of smoke in my eyes and throat, I rested. Finally, I read the old file. Deleted on paragraph, and merged the other into the beginning as a preface.

If it doesn’t work, I can still select and delete.


Family Always

Newest book is progressing slowly while I prepare for fall. I have re-editted the first ten thousand words and passed twelve thousand.

I have introduced two new killers who are of Bill’s age. They have just met.

More later on Stay safe.

New title

Fourth volume of my serial killer series is progressing well. Nearing ten thousand words.

Tentatively changed the title to Family Always. Added two players from the past.

Agent Roberts is retired but just as involved. I don’t like to give things away, but more is being revealed.

That’s all for now.


Some of you may have developed a less than positive attitude. Get rid of it. Call someone, eat junk, walk the dog.

Then, get on with life. For me that is catching up on everything I shoved aside to finish a book.

The sixth book in my sci-fi series is up and I have moved on.

I am now working on my website, research for new historical fiction series and writing book four of my serial killer series

People love the large print. Since I now call the shots, only the first few books are normal print.

Be safe, wear a mask.