Bobbie Kaald

About me: I am a Pacific Northwest author. I started writing in 2003. By the time I finished my sci-fi series, my life was completely changed. My husband passed away and I retired from my nearly forty year nursing career. I also realized that I really cannot compete in the sci-fi world. My five book series is what I call my Enemy/Friend series: The Making of an Enemy, The Unmaking of an Enemy, The Enemies Become Friends, The Enemies and Friends thru the Vortex, and The Enemies and Friends Seek Utopia.

Leaving science fiction on the side for now. My grand-daughter was in middle school and considering becoming a writer some day. This embarked me on a line of short books for children beginning to read on their own but will be of interest to those assisting with their reading skills: Lilly, Spryte, Aaron, Aaron and the Lake Animal, Aaron Learns about the Lake Animal, Aaron tells the truth about the Sasquatch, Aaron the Fort Casey Ghost, lastly, Aaron and the Ice Caves.

Leaving the children’s books, I began writing other genre’.

First I wrote a short story for teen and above, Saalinda. This turned into somewhat of a horror, mystery book. The ending was suggested by my granddaughter.

I now have a three book historical fiction series based on my Grandmother’s birth family…..The Lost Branch vol. I, II, and III.

In the last couple of years, I wrote a three book serial killer series: 2500 Fruitdale Dr., Sleeping Urges Awaken, and The Family of Killers. This takes place primarily in Washington State.

I just completed working on the third book in my espionage series. Felicia takes place in Italy and Greece and the greater Seattle Area. Colin takes place in Greece as does Ezra.

2020 finds me writing a sixth book in my Sci-fi series. Resuming the storyline from the fifth book.

2023 I have been busy publishing my newest book, Aura’s Angel. I have also been working on becoming more well known. As of this August I am expanding my Agent Roberts serial killer series. I added a prequel about Agent Roberts and am working on the sixth book. When released, this will make seven books. I think I need a movie deal.