Audio books

I have friends asking. Update about Audiobook for Felicia, by the end of February. With any luck, Colin will come out a month or two later.

Narrated by Robert Ferrero. I am hoping for this anyway.

Bobbie Kaald


I have a year or so new website. I am not doing well at organizing it. However, I updated it again an I should be easier.

If you go to it should come up with my blog. A line or so down is the word…media. Clicking on this will bring up articles with cover photos of my books. I will continue working on it but the color scheme is Christmas.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to one and all. Peace on Earth and in the Universe.

Happy Thanksgiving

We got together a little here and there this week. My granddaughter is three and a half hours away but her mom went there to have dinner out

I am once again working on two books as I have done before.

The historical book needs an outline. However, I am pulling together a fantasy book with the air of the past to it. It’s very rough but beginning to shape up.

Some new readers have surfaced. Felicia was read on KU. I guess more people are hearing about me.


I admit that I don’t have the proper gunho writing fever of an attitude.

My book signing went well al I said, and I sold an ebook for my very first book this week. It is book one of my sci-fi series, The Making of an Enemy.

Feeble attempts to start my latest project, but my research is in the hallway and I write in the living room. Also, I wrote some lines which were not in accord to the historical timeline. More this week.

I have also merged two short stories into what I hope will be a fantasy story. I have a few short fantasy stories but I am hoping for longer.

Be at peace.


Two books out this year and two short stories in separate anthologies.

Major book signing yesterday.

Thanks to all those who have read some of my work on KU.

Thanks to all those who purchased paperbacks this year.

See my reviews of others paperbacks on Goodreads if you wish to know what I have read.

November is gratitude month. I am grateful to be breathing and have a pulse.


I am an independent author. My daughter thinks I am a stalker because I monitor my sales daily.

Doing this gives me encouragement to keep writing. It also lets me know that someone out there likes my work and what kind.

Currently, someone is reading my serial killer books and just finished the third one. I guess they like it because they haven’t stopped.

I also have someone I sold a set to because they liked the first one. I know this from personal experience not book reviews.

I like book reviews but it is rare to get one. Most people keep their opinions to themselves. I am good with that. Thanks to those who read my books and share in other ways.


I have slowly reached the editing phase with my current book. It is book five in my Agent Roberts/serial killer series.

The book will end the series but still needs work.

When I finish my current book, I will begin writing another historical fiction book. A little more research first.