Book signings in Nov. 19

Update on signings that I mentioned:

Nov. 30 Marysville/Pilchuck High School bazaar….5611–108th St. NE, Marysville, Wa 98271..9-3pm

Dec. 7 Seattle Hill Elementary Holiday Bazaar….12711–51st Ave. SE, Everett, Was.98208..10-1:15


What to do when nothing works? I like to scroll the internet for my books. I haven’t for a long time, but I just did.

Abe Books is carrying many of my books in stock. This is rare. They are usually special order. Thanks, Abe Books. I just wish I knew how to put a photo of my book page on this post. Some day.

Finally a book club for me

My new book club is interesting and useful. Plus I was asked to critique and reveiw a book for an Australian writer. Little steps.

I had a root canal done and sleep cycle is in flux this week. I didn’t write today, but have decided it is time for a full deep edit before writing the next 10,000 words.

Looking for next step, but it is year end and there is much to do.

Would like another event before year’s end, but it might not happen.

Writing with life

My worst problems are nothing but they can take my energy. It would be nice to write 1,000 words a day. I allow myself the luxury of not emotionally abusing myself if I don’t make my quota.

The reason is that while I am not writing, my brain is coming up with new plot twists. It also allows me to form up a new book to work on when I am done with my current book project.

What are my books like

I am committed to portraying the violent word in a low level of visual. It’s all about what the characters are thinking and feeling. How the characters act is off camera so to speak.

I have been heavily criticized for not putting insects in and focusing on the dirt: ie. Underground Seattle in my Aaron adventures.

1. Aaron is finding the tunnel before any current people went down there.

2. I was postulating what the area was like back then. I know that is still dirt only and I didn’t want to touch anything.

For these reasons, I wrote it as I did. I apologize if the insects were left out. I had a lot to say in only 10,000 words.


I share yesterday that I was working on changing my website around. One more step has been successful. My blog posts are once again on my Amazon author page.

New website/New blog

As I continue business, I recently change website companies. Of course, this intales changing blog sites.

This also means modifying my Author page on Amazon. I tried again today, but I will have to wait three days to see if this post shows up on the author page.

I don’t do complication easily, but waiting is acceptable.


Well, I probably won’t get much sleep tonight. Tomorrow is my Friday all day signing in Renton. With the commute it will be about a 13 hour day.

Valley General in Renton. Construction still taking up much of the parking.


I joined a new writer’s group. I am just listening and staying the course with my writing. I feel like there is more that I can do, and I will do it when I figure it out.

In the meantime, life is demanding. Dental work, kids, grand kids, house. Life.

I have decided my serial killer series will be getting a fourth book. That is, right after I finish Ezra, book 3 in my espionage series