Next book

Now that Ezra is online as a paperback and an ebook, I am re reading and editing my fifth sci-fi book, Enemies and Friends Seek Utopia. It was by daughter’s idea because of my past errors. She is correct and I know it. I have already written a page or two of book six. I have not made a definitive decision on a title. My second choice is the Planet Taisyd because they lost their shipyard, Taisyd.

I want to thank all those who have supported me and encouraged me over the years. This fall my new book club really helped my sales. I will be at Half Price Books the first Saturday in January. I will announce this later with the time.


I have changed my entire website. It is with a new company and encompasses my blog post which I try to keep brief. This world is fast paced and I believe in just sticking to the facts.

I have had a good year for an independent. I put out 3 books. I joined a book club. This gave me help with book signings. I started two new books for next year and changed my medicare plan.

I also have increased my socialization and still take care of my home and family and the family cat/dog. She has allergies like her owners and eats salmon dog food with water now that her teeth are gone. She fits in.

Website is as always…


The book is done with the exception of the table of contents. This is always a struggle, but being December I have lots of tasks besides writing.

I will release it soon.

Update: Ezra is available on Kindle now.

Paperback will be up soon. 24 to 48 hours.