Why do I write?

I am often asked this. I started in 2003. I was still working with a husband and two boys, a grown daughter and a new granddaughter.

I started with Sci-fi because I read mostly this genre. I wanted to write since school but the excuses got in my way, and I had many. 1. Laptop and 2. Decided that a novel is nothing more than a bunch of short stories on the same subject. ie, chapters.

My first book is post apocalyptic and the main character reads a short story that I wrote in high school. Many have commented on this.

I am back to this series and am writing book six.

Writing through all

I continue writing on vol. 6 of my sci-fi series,but Holidays and taxes are calling my time. On the plus side, I am home while it snows.

Projecting life on a recently teraformed plant is my current quandary. With my friend, Banky’s comment in my mind, I always try to make thing realistic. He says my writing is like it really could happen. Now I feel cursed if I make it bizzare.

I want to write another serial killer book also. I just might.

I used to picture Anne McCaffrey with a room full of writers putting out so many books. Now, I know a little about writing multiple books at once.

Drive safely this winter.

Book six started

I have reread book five of my sci-fi series and a major rewrite of my beginning of book six yesterday. Today I continued theme plot line. Tomorrow I will take time to decide who is on this quest and how many vessels. Complicated, I know but it should be worth it.

Egotistically, I like book five. I did re edit and may again with an eventual republishing.


New book

Lesson one from my daughter. Reread fifth book in series before writing sixth book.

Lesson two, from reading the said book, stroke myself for story greats and punish myself for the poor editing job.

Lesson three, republish said book before publishing sixth book.

Happy New Year.