In writing I feel success is a matter of perspective.

I had a great book signing today in Sultan. The owner, myself and another author sat around and chatted. I learned a lot about both of them. I listened to the rain and hail.

The owner bought some books and I drove home feeling glad to still have my studded tires on.

Tomorrow is another day.

Part of the job

Writing is only part of the job. Besides writing I answer questions if I can. A simple suggestion is probably all they need.

I also have learned from others.

In between other things, I write. Book 26 is coming along nicely. I am trying to add new twists to prevent boredom.

Also, set up two book signings and keep moving on.

Writing Life

I think it would be easier if I had a mate to share chores. However, I don’t do well being bossed around.

February finds me writing at a better rate. Taxes are done, but not back.

Short story times two, but not satisfied with either. Query letter sent. Sixth in sci-fi series at 5500 plus words to date and going well. Already mentally preping for next book in 2500 Fruitdale Dr. Series.

Book signing in Sultan at their bookstore on 2/29 at 2pm to 4.

Party here for Academy Awards on Sunday.

Lastly, applied to Authors Guild, just saying.


Leap year this year. Lucked out with a booksigning on 2/29 at Sultan’s book store from 2 – 4. Stuck in traffic? Stop by for a book reading, coffee and snacks.