Social Isolation

I have never been a social butterfly, but in high school I went to all but one of my dances with a new man.

I also have experienced with isolation. I had polio when I was six. My entire family was isolated and estranged to some degree.

However, I have an independent life now and not being able to go out is stressful.

The benefit is my frustration improves my writing.

A nice man came over wearing mask and gloves today and replaced the main light switch in the main bathroom. I gave him a choice of my books and he picked book one of sci-fi. My compliments to him. I also invited his wife and him to our book group when we can meet again.


Nothing else to do. Watch TV, drink too much caffeine and edit current book.

One kid sick with usual stuff, one kid out of work worrying about bills. Nothing compared to those with lost loved ones.

By the way, I have TP.

Getting back to editing and then write another 5 or 10 thousand words before returning to editing. See you when I can resume book signings and social activities.


I am scheduled to have a book signing on 3/28 in Monroe, Wa. At Main St. bookstore.

The reality is that I am rarely leaving the house due to the new Corona virus. Only time will tell. If the new cases stop, it may still happen.

I am still writing my 26th book. It is number six in my Sci-fi series.

God willing I will see you on the 28th.


I have written and self published 25 books. Why am I having trouble?

I am wondering if it is because I have so much input now on social media, book club, myself, etc. Probably, I am overthinking it.

I have reached 13000 words on the sixth book in my sci-fi series.

And, am planning on redoing The Lost Branch vol. One…apparently my twenty year gap is an issue to my readers. Sorry, just didn’t have filler. I will find some.

After that, I may write on another part of my family.

More later