Life has been getting in the way of my writing, but I am still progressing. Taisyd Revisited has passed 35,000 words. Their new yard is up and running.

Space remains a treat to human existence. I could say more but I hate spoiling things for the reader.

New plans, when book 26 is on line I am thinking of a couple new projects. Nothing firm yet, but I am confident there will be another book. If I am still above ground.


Being quarentined is not new to me. My entire family was quarentined when I got polio at the age of five. Then my allergies started with a vengeance and I could go outside without a mask to keep from breathing in the pollen. I didn’t write then but I daydreamed.

Being older I now write and have passed the 30,000 word mark, or at least reached it. Their rescued monkeys have been at it again. Tomorrow I will write the part that tells what they did.


The latest edit job is finished. Now, I am adding plot and story. I try to keep thing realistic as I write. I know that no one has all the answers and I do research on the internet

I have some skills from being a home owner and a mother. I also have dated many different men over the years to bring some reality to conversations

Also, I feel badly that I cancelled a signing due to Covid. Along those lines I ordered a few books to give people a choice at my next signing. I will let people know when I line one up.

Writing update

Hi, just finished re editing the first approximately 116 pages of my current book.

Name: Taisyd Revisited. This will probably remain the title. Taisyd is the shipyard in book one of the Enemy/Friend series. So, I have already given away that a new shipyard is a piece of this book.

New solar issue introduced. New life issues continue. So far, peace reigns.

Isolated writing

I am grateful for having learn patience before being quarentined for an unknown number of days. Still, I can only edit or write a page or so at a time.

Currently the sixth book of my sci-fi series is passed 110 pages. The plot is progressing and as usual out of control. The same characters are present when needed. New problems with solutions. It is vastly different from book one, but the hate and war left in book three.

Tomorrow is my daughter’s birthday, but she postponed celebration until July. Surely we will be out of quarentine by then.

Fiction becomes fact

I have long said that nothing appears in fiction that won’t eventually become fact. Anne McCaffrey wrote in her Dragonriders of Pern about a cure for the plague. I just heard it on the news.

Hurray for fiction writers.


I am on the second edit of my current book. It is a mess and my focus is poor right now. On lock down for another three weeks and I am getting cabin fever. Therefore, I am blaming the lockdown for this phase.

Even so, I am progressing well with book six of my sci-fi series. The last three books have a lighter tone for those who read book one.

If you have trouble finding an authors work, Google search or Bing search their name. This is how to find books. Also, special order at your bookstore.