I was still working as a nurse. I got my first laptop and a bubbly co worker kept talking about how she and a friend were writing a book. I always wanted to do that. So, I went home and started.

2004 came and the book was done. I made the rounds of local publishers and began another education. Mind boggling.

I made an appointment with a local printer. I even turned over my manuscript. She would not give any prices and I got the manuscript back and left.

I settled on a press where I paid. Eight books later and poor. I left.

A friend of mine published a great book with Kindle and copywrited on line.

Now, I write for fun. I write multi genre. I have three books on my Grandmother’s blood line all the way back to England.

Pending books, update

My daughter and I were just talking about my next book plan.

I am probably making my sci-fi book six a novella as it is winding down.

After that, I am planning on researching the rest of my family tree with the goal of writing a book about my paternal grandfather’s family….Larson

My daughter suggested to write an additional book about Greta Smith and Walter Johnson. Because it includes oodles of local information. This means I am researching and completing my current book..Taisyd Revisited.


I am having trouble writing in isolation. I saw one of my posts from May and it seems that I have progressed a lot in only one month. I guess that like all people I am too hard on myself.

I have changed the dedication because of loosing two very important people. This is the fourth loss in one family since I got my act together. I will post when this book is out.

Be safe and keep up social distancing.