I am currently polishing the first half of the book I am working on. Title is still in the works.

I also am working on what book to do next. I may do a historical fiction book about my Scandinavian ancestors.

I am also toying with a no fiction book. I probably won’t do it because of the source, and that is all I can say for now.

I am glad the election is mostly over, but the children are still fighting. I wish Covid was over, but I just learned the shots are two staged shots. This means at least a month for some meaningful immunity, bummer.


I have had logistical issues getting to my writing. Covid has complicated everything. After five doctor visits, talking to at least twenty people, I got a negative covidtest.

Npo after midnight for a to follow case didn’t get in until after four pm. But I am well and getting back to work.

Just finished full edit of my fourth book in the serial killer series and have begun to continue the storyline.

There may be an early death of one of the killers. But it hasn’t happened yet.

Stay safe and wear a mask, even those of you who think you know better.