I got two amazing reviews this week. Please review the books you read for the author’s and future readers. All authors need your support.

I continue

Still writing on book five of Agent Roberts series. I am slowly adding new pieces but the outcome remains unknown.

Possibly vengeance maybe in the works.

New book hints

The new book is book five in my Agent Roberts serial killer series.

There are new locations and new characters mixed in with the usual characters.

Sunday off but will resume work on it tomorrow.

Writer’s block

I try not to consider it a block. Sometimes life just hands out too much at one time.

I am happy to report that I did a book signing and sold some. Even zero sales is okay if I pass out business cards and share with people where to obtain books.

In the words of Spock, live long and prosper.


Thanks to my new ebook purchaser. 2500 Fruitdale Dr

I am working on book five of this series. Your purchase helps spur me into action.


Sadly, a death in the family has occured. I am slowly mingling responsibilities and writing

Paperback sales may increase now that the will be published on the Australian continent. Time will tell.

Pushing forward with latest Agent Roberts serial killer book.

Remember each sale is a success and others may sell more, but I am happy for them.

2021 book release

Life has slowed my writing. I have released a fourth Agent Roberts book….Finding the Family of Killers. ebook and paperback on Amazon, as my usual.

After that, I tried to get a couple of books up and running. I finally gave them a break and began book five in the Agent Roberts series.

This book is going fair but life has slowed my writing even more. I will push on.

It’s not turning 70 that has slowed me it is others unfinished business. I feel you will like the Agent Roberts books. Those who have read them, like them


Adding a couple more books for me to work on seems to have helped.

However, I need to work on my house and take a vacation now that I had both my rabies shots…ha….ha…Covid shots.

Humor helps me but it’s just not funny if I have to explain it….sigh. I have always been different from the norm.