I am now writing a fantasy book.

I am also writing a new Agent Roberts, serial killer book.

I continue to research for a new historical fiction book..based on fact.


Ignoring last year? It took me two plus months if this year to get one shot.

Family can’t visit the three in nursing homes. One sister is stuck in Virginia, and one is in and out of ICU. A good friend needed help so there goes like three weeks.

New story, kind of boring and slow but at least it hasn’t ended yet. Past time for new characters.

Update later. Stay safe.

What is in my books?

So far, I write in a 1950s style. No vampires, aliens, undead. No graphic sex nor graphic violence.

Graphic violence? That means that if it were a movie….no blood sprayed on the camera lens.

Graphic sex?….if sex occurs, the door is shut first.

I know, but not everyone like blow by blow. Some people prefer to use their imagination. Just saying.

Snow bound

Just when we are freer again, it snowed all over the west coast (my part).

At least I have things to fantasy book…taxes…federal and state sales tax.

I would like to thank those of you who ready books. I love reading the reviews and each new book is a little better. My thanks.


I am trying on a fantasy story. I find them more difficult than urban fiction.

If this doesn’t work, I will start another historical fiction store based on my father’s bloodline.

New Years

The new year is here. The isolation has made me lazy, but the storyline has ended. Next comes a slow detailed edit and verifying that all things are consistent.

Copyright and publish. This means two to three weeks and the fourth book in my serial killer series with Agent Roberts will be online.

Fewer mistakes thanks to better editing. Title will be Family Rules. It is a slight change.

Also, there is a return to the beginning, briefly and then the chase continues.