I feel like I am procrastinating. I am not writing much because it is tax time. I am putting my books onto audio in hopes of snagging some listeners.

My fantasy book is developing and I need to just start writing my historical novel because the fabled family stories may never be mine.

My attitude is poor in the wake of Covid lock up. I hope the rest of you reach out to talk to people if you are blue.

Acx audible

As I said, Felicia on audio is being reviewed. Colin and 2500 Fruitdale Dr. are a few chapters in.

I am excited, but the readers are taking it in stride.

Christmas is packed away. Now I can resume writing my two books. One fantasy and one historical fiction. I have only written short fantasy books so far and am having to force myself. I edited what is written and can now write new pages.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

Audio books

I have friends asking. Update about Audiobook for Felicia, by the end of February. With any luck, Colin will come out a month or two later.

Narrated by Robert Ferrero. I am hoping for this anyway.

Bobbie Kaald