My goal of putting books on Audiobooks is progressing.

My decision to get a new laptop went well, until I tried to put the fil s onto the new laptop. Losing my files and downloads is going to put me way behind this year.

I am also assisting in writing short autobiographies for seniors in a facility. This starts on Thursday.

Life is what it is.


I am making great stride thanks to my narrators. Robert Ferrero finished the three espionage books. Felicia, Colin, and Ezra are now on audio.

Another narrator is half done with 2500 Fruitdale Dr.

The Making of an Enemy is being narrated by another narrator and moving forward.

I also found a narrator for Aaron.

I have found some people who believe in me.

Watch for new releases.

Bobbie Kaald

Now on audio

Audiobooks always seemed to be an impossible dream. Thanks to Amazon and some narrators willing to take a big risk, they have become reality.

Felicia is now on audio. Colin, book two of the same espionage series, just made it to audio yesterday. Book three is a couple of weeks away….Ezra.

2500 Fruitdale Dr. has been popular in ebook and paperback…it is forthcoming on audio.

The Making of an Enemy has a narrator and is also forthcoming on audio.

Thanks to all my support.