I have started a couple of books to work on when my historical fiction book isn’t going anywhere.

Also, I am phishing forward with audible books. By October I will have up to thirteen books on audio.

Still six Aaron books not on audible.

Fall is nearly here. Time to consider presents for celebrations.

Bobbie Kaald

Non Fiction

Definitely, not my genre. My first attempt went easily into three volumes.

This one is very bogged down. I find myself deleting more than writing.

I may never finish it. I am thinking of another murder mystery. More my style.


The following books are now on audio:

Lily….fantasy with fairies.

2500 Fruitdale Dr…..book one of my serial killer series.

The Making of an Enemy…..book one of my science fiction series.

Aaron….book one of the Aaron adventure series….some references to a sasquatch.

Aaron and the Lake Animal…..the see evidence of Lake Osoyoos lake animal.

Felicia, Colin, and Ezra….the complete espionage series.

More are coming.

Ally books are on paperback and ebook. Right of the early ones can be found in hardback.

All my books are available from many stores who sell online.

Future…I am slowly working on a historical book but will probably step back into the co editor spot.