Pet peaves

I admit to being old school. I took years of Grammar in school. I took typing when we learned on manual typewriters and could only have a couple of erasures per page.

I am offended that the computer companies think they can change the Grammer to fit their needs.

I am okay with the punctuation change in accounting from a period between dollars and cents to a comma. Having made a four thousand nine hundred and ninety-five dollar mistake on my taxes due to a comma/ period mistake. This makes cents to me, pun intended.


My short book is going live on audible within a couple of days. The producer and I have approved it. Just awaiting company approval. I find this appropriate with Halloween coming.



My current writings were not going well. So, I started a different book. This one will be a prequel to mt Agent Roberts books. Already I feel better about myself.

I tend to change the titles often in the first few weeks. I will keep this title under wraps for now.

Have a great labor day weekend.

New book

Being the CEO of my independent book publishing, I made a executive decision. I started a different book. A prequel to 2500 Fruitdale Dr. I hope it germinates into a book.