Pet peaves

I admit to being old school. I took years of Grammar in school. I took typing when we learned on manual typewriters and could only have a couple of erasures per page.

I am offended that the computer companies think they can change the Grammer to fit their needs.

I am okay with the punctuation change in accounting from a period between dollars and cents to a comma. Having made a four thousand nine hundred and ninety-five dollar mistake on my taxes due to a comma/ period mistake. This makes cents to me, pun intended.


My short book is going live on audible within a couple of days. The producer and I have approved it. Just awaiting company approval. I find this appropriate with Halloween coming.



My current writings were not going well. So, I started a different book. This one will be a prequel to mt Agent Roberts books. Already I feel better about myself.

I tend to change the titles often in the first few weeks. I will keep this title under wraps for now.

Have a great labor day weekend.

New book

Being the CEO of my independent book publishing, I made a executive decision. I started a different book. A prequel to 2500 Fruitdale Dr. I hope it germinates into a book.


I have started a couple of books to work on when my historical fiction book isn’t going anywhere.

Also, I am phishing forward with audible books. By October I will have up to thirteen books on audio.

Still six Aaron books not on audible.

Fall is nearly here. Time to consider presents for celebrations.

Bobbie Kaald

Non Fiction

Definitely, not my genre. My first attempt went easily into three volumes.

This one is very bogged down. I find myself deleting more than writing.

I may never finish it. I am thinking of another murder mystery. More my style.


The following books are now on audio:

Lily….fantasy with fairies.

2500 Fruitdale Dr… one of my serial killer series.

The Making of an Enemy… one of my science fiction series.

Aaron….book one of the Aaron adventure series….some references to a sasquatch.

Aaron and the Lake Animal…..the see evidence of Lake Osoyoos lake animal.

Felicia, Colin, and Ezra….the complete espionage series.

More are coming.

Ally books are on paperback and ebook. Right of the early ones can be found in hardback.

All my books are available from many stores who sell online.

Future…I am slowly working on a historical book but will probably step back into the co editor spot.

Audio update

Today my first book, The Making of an Enemy, goes to audio. Written in 2003 and published in 2005. Contained within is a story that I wrote as a sophomore in highschool. It is read by the leading lady, Sydny.

Audio update.

Book two of my Aaron Adventures is on audio now. Sequel to Aaron, Aaron and the Lake Animal takes place that same summer. Audio combined with the kindle or paperback is a proven way to improve reading skills