I have slowly reached the editing phase with my current book. It is book five in my Agent Roberts/serial killer series.

The book will end the series but still needs work.

When I finish my current book, I will begin writing another historical fiction book. A little more research first.

New book

If I could just focus. My new books storyline is coming to an end.

Then, the drudgery of two or three expanding edits. Just the way I do things.

I have to be cautious to not add something that is covered later. I hate reiterating.


Had a family reunion in Wisconsin Drove to and from. Minimal writing due to a chain of events.

I am back. Work is resuming on book five of my Agent Roberts mystery. You know, my serial killer books.

After this is published, I will be writing a historical fiction book on my father’s relatives. These are the ones that had the reunion.

Stay safe and follow suggestions to stay Covid free.


Plot for current book is slowly progressing. New editing software is confusing me.

Still gathering info for new historical Fiction on my father’s family line.


I got two amazing reviews this week. Please review the books you read for the author’s and future readers. All authors need your support.

I continue

Still writing on book five of Agent Roberts series. I am slowly adding new pieces but the outcome remains unknown.

Possibly vengeance maybe in the works.

New book hints

The new book is book five in my Agent Roberts serial killer series.

There are new locations and new characters mixed in with the usual characters.

Sunday off but will resume work on it tomorrow.

Writer’s block

I try not to consider it a block. Sometimes life just hands out too much at one time.

I am happy to report that I did a book signing and sold some. Even zero sales is okay if I pass out business cards and share with people where to obtain books.

In the words of Spock, live long and prosper.