I think a post is in order because changes are happening.

Well, since I last posted.. Felicia, Colin and Ezra are now on audible. That completes the series of espionage

One person tried out Felicia so we will see how it goes.

The Aaron series is in the works.

The Making of an Enemy, my first book is about a fourth ready. This book has been re written four times since first published.

The main reason for the rewrite for the fourth time is the fourth book, I inadvertently change one of the original characters sex. Funny that way.

I is really funny to listen to it after all this time. I have learned a lot in writing. One of the chapters is forty minutes long. Now I write much shorter chapters…three to eight minutes.

2500 Fruitdale drive has about twenty chapters left to go and then it will be on audible.



Putting my books on audio is turning into a great experience for me. My first book is going to audio and as I listen to it, I’m thinking …who wrote that. I wrote it during a terrible time of death and loss. The narration really brought that home for me today. I should have dedicated it to my nephew whose loss shedded the family.


My goal of putting books on Audiobooks is progressing.

My decision to get a new laptop went well, until I tried to put the fil s onto the new laptop. Losing my files and downloads is going to put me way behind this year.

I am also assisting in writing short autobiographies for seniors in a facility. This starts on Thursday.

Life is what it is.


I am making great stride thanks to my narrators. Robert Ferrero finished the three espionage books. Felicia, Colin, and Ezra are now on audio.

Another narrator is half done with 2500 Fruitdale Dr.

The Making of an Enemy is being narrated by another narrator and moving forward.

I also found a narrator for Aaron.

I have found some people who believe in me.

Watch for new releases.

Bobbie Kaald

Now on audio

Audiobooks always seemed to be an impossible dream. Thanks to Amazon and some narrators willing to take a big risk, they have become reality.

Felicia is now on audio. Colin, book two of the same espionage series, just made it to audio yesterday. Book three is a couple of weeks away….Ezra.

2500 Fruitdale Dr. has been popular in ebook and paperback…it is forthcoming on audio.

The Making of an Enemy has a narrator and is also forthcoming on audio.

Thanks to all my support.

Update on Audiobooks

I am such an awfulizer. Years ago someone asked if my books were on audio. I just had to tell her that it wasn’t going to happen.

Well, I now have Felicia on audio. Book one of my espionage series. Now, Colin is the second book and is nearing completion. Narrated by Robert Ferrero.

I also have, 2500 Fruitdale Dr., nearing completion. This is book two of my serial killer series. Narrated by Dale J Hubbard.


Announcing Felicia, bk one of espionage series, is now on audible books as well as paperback and ebook

Bk two of the espionage series is in the works.

Also in the works is bk one of my serial killer series, 2500 Fruitdale Dr. and book one of my sci-fi series, The Making of an Enemy, is also in the works.

Keep the faith.


I feel like I am procrastinating. I am not writing much because it is tax time. I am putting my books onto audio in hopes of snagging some listeners.

My fantasy book is developing and I need to just start writing my historical novel because the fabled family stories may never be mine.

My attitude is poor in the wake of Covid lock up. I hope the rest of you reach out to talk to people if you are blue.

Acx audible

As I said, Felicia on audio is being reviewed. Colin and 2500 Fruitdale Dr. are a few chapters in.

I am excited, but the readers are taking it in stride.

Christmas is packed away. Now I can resume writing my two books. One fantasy and one historical fiction. I have only written short fantasy books so far and am having to force myself. I edited what is written and can now write new pages.

Happy Valentine’s Day.