I took a break from my nearly complete novella. It is book six in my sci-fi series.

Currently I am re editing and working on a cover photo.

I am researching for a new historical novel and will resume this task when my sci-fi book goes live.


I was still working as a nurse. I got my first laptop and a bubbly co worker kept talking about how she and a friend were writing a book. I always wanted to do that. So, I went home and started.

2004 came and the book was done. I made the rounds of local publishers and began another education. Mind boggling.

I made an appointment with a local printer. I even turned over my manuscript. She would not give any prices and I got the manuscript back and left.

I settled on a press where I paid. Eight books later and poor. I left.

A friend of mine published a great book with Kindle and copywrited on line.

Now, I write for fun. I write multi genre. I have three books on my Grandmother’s blood line all the way back to England.

Pending books, update

My daughter and I were just talking about my next book plan.

I am probably making my sci-fi book six a novella as it is winding down.

After that, I am planning on researching the rest of my family tree with the goal of writing a book about my paternal grandfather’s family….Larson

My daughter suggested to write an additional book about Greta Smith and Walter Johnson. Because it includes oodles of local information. This means I am researching and completing my current book..Taisyd Revisited.


I am having trouble writing in isolation. I saw one of my posts from May and it seems that I have progressed a lot in only one month. I guess that like all people I am too hard on myself.

I have changed the dedication because of loosing two very important people. This is the fourth loss in one family since I got my act together. I will post when this book is out.

Be safe and keep up social distancing.


We are all having similar problems through this. Life still goes on but everything is cancelled. Making work at home is fragmented at the best for me.

I am about half finished with my current book. Afterward, I am going back on So far, there are two more branches of my family calling for their time in writing. Not certain if this will happen, but first I need to get out more and shed my apathy.


New book is progressing. I forgot the word count, but I think around 38000 is close. I decided to tie the beginning to the end. The storyline should be surprising.

I am also working on the next book. Perhaps another historical book based on my paternal grandfather. I put the word out to the decendants and I am awaiting responses. Of course, I expect a no. I will see, my cinisism is certainly showing. Probably, I should blame the lock down because everyone else is. I can’t do that because it is all me. More later.


Life has been getting in the way of my writing, but I am still progressing. Taisyd Revisited has passed 35,000 words. Their new yard is up and running.

Space remains a treat to human existence. I could say more but I hate spoiling things for the reader.

New plans, when book 26 is on line I am thinking of a couple new projects. Nothing firm yet, but I am confident there will be another book. If I am still above ground.


Being quarentined is not new to me. My entire family was quarentined when I got polio at the age of five. Then my allergies started with a vengeance and I could go outside without a mask to keep from breathing in the pollen. I didn’t write then but I daydreamed.

Being older I now write and have passed the 30,000 word mark, or at least reached it. Their rescued monkeys have been at it again. Tomorrow I will write the part that tells what they did.


The latest edit job is finished. Now, I am adding plot and story. I try to keep thing realistic as I write. I know that no one has all the answers and I do research on the internet

I have some skills from being a home owner and a mother. I also have dated many different men over the years to bring some reality to conversations

Also, I feel badly that I cancelled a signing due to Covid. Along those lines I ordered a few books to give people a choice at my next signing. I will let people know when I line one up.