Writing through all

I continue writing on vol. 6 of my sci-fi series,but Holidays and taxes are calling my time. On the plus side, I am home while it snows.

Projecting life on a recently teraformed plant is my current quandary. With my friend, Banky’s comment in my mind, I always try to make thing realistic. He says my writing is like it really could happen. Now I feel cursed if I make it bizzare.

I want to write another serial killer book also. I just might.

I used to picture Anne McCaffrey with a room full of writers putting out so many books. Now, I know a little about writing multiple books at once.

Drive safely this winter.

Book six started

I have reread book five of my sci-fi series and a major rewrite of my beginning of book six yesterday. Today I continued theme plot line. Tomorrow I will take time to decide who is on this quest and how many vessels. Complicated, I know but it should be worth it.

Egotistically, I like book five. I did re edit and may again with an eventual republishing.


New book

Lesson one from my daughter. Reread fifth book in series before writing sixth book.

Lesson two, from reading the said book, stroke myself for story greats and punish myself for the poor editing job.

Lesson three, republish said book before publishing sixth book.

Happy New Year.

Next book

Now that Ezra is online as a paperback and an ebook, I am re reading and editing my fifth sci-fi book, Enemies and Friends Seek Utopia. It was by daughter’s idea because of my past errors. She is correct and I know it. I have already written a page or two of book six. I have not made a definitive decision on a title. My second choice is the Planet Taisyd because they lost their shipyard, Taisyd.

I want to thank all those who have supported me and encouraged me over the years. This fall my new book club really helped my sales. I will be at Half Price Books the first Saturday in January. I will announce this later with the time.


I have changed my entire website. It is with a new company and encompasses my blog post which I try to keep brief. This world is fast paced and I believe in just sticking to the facts.

I have had a good year for an independent. I put out 3 books. I joined a book club. This gave me help with book signings. I started two new books for next year and changed my medicare plan.

I also have increased my socialization and still take care of my home and family and the family cat/dog. She has allergies like her owners and eats salmon dog food with water now that her teeth are gone. She fits in.

Website is as always….bobbiekaald.com


The book is done with the exception of the table of contents. This is always a struggle, but being December I have lots of tasks besides writing.

I will release it soon.

Update: Ezra is available on Kindle now.


Paperback will be up soon. 24 to 48 hours.

Book club

I joined a new book club recently. Benefits..learning how and when to advertise.

Book sales already set up. Three pending and maybe a fourth.

Also, learned about a book award before the deadline and sent in…The Lost Branch, vol. 3. More will be revealed.

Happy Thanksgiving, and a special thanks to Native Americans for helping the Pilgrims survive that first winter.


I did another full edit. More editting will follow it’s completion.

I am please with the storyline. I just wish for a different writing style, but that is on me.

At my writing group, I am learning a great deal about becoming known. This is difficult for an extrovert/introvert.

Next book? Either, a sixth sci-fi book ora fourth serial killer book.

Rethinking my books, I find many of the books have at least one death. Death is everywhere after all. No leading character deaths as far as I remember.

Getting on, I am going back to writing Ezra as the plotline is not yet complete.